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Cruse Man Kaki

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We wanted to give you the ultimate pant to wear during summer. Cruse is both cool and comfy.

Here is a summer favorite! Cruse around town in your own Cruse pants=D A linen pant that gives you that perfect summer vibe that you have always wanted. A loose fitted pant that has pockets and can be tied at waist. Feel relaxed in our exclusive Cruse pants. All day every day.

Avalible in three sizes and colors.

Material 80% Linne, 20% Cotton

A) Length 107 cm
B) Waist 46 cm
C) Width 54 cm*
D) Innerleg 77 cm

A) Length 110 cm
B) Waist 48 cm*
C) Width 56 cm*
D) Innerleg 79 cm

A) Length 113 cm*
B) Waist 50 cm*
C) Width 58 cm*
D) Innerleg 82 cm

(x two for circumference )

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